Mechanical Dogs

Mechanical Dogs is the first single off the EP, Out at Night. One night in August 2020, Northern California was hit with a massive thunder and lightning storm that seemed to go on forever.  It would ignite hundreds of wildfires that would burn for weeks,  The morning after the storm everything felt surreal.  Through an open window I heard a strange sound in the distance that conjured up an image of a mechanical dog signaling more impending doom.  It felt like the end of the world.  I ran outside and recorded the sound.  The recording would become the basis for the dog loop in this song.

" 'Mechanical Dogs' by Bay Area-based songwriter, producer, and electronic artist Paula Boyd Sutor, aka PhasesLM, sounds exactly like the title. Rumbling synths and clattering drumbeats lend the song a kind of ominous yet infectious urgency. The song's darkness and paranoia doesn't stop it from being incredibly fun to listen to!"
                                                                          -Sonic Smoothie
" ... the song is a sublime, anxiety-fueled exploration into the unknown that will resonate with anyone who has felt overwhelmed by the historic events that have unfolded over the past year. The music video reflects the distress many of us have faced during these unprecedented times, employing hair-raising kaleidoscopic imagery, electric colors, and mechanical elements to create a psychedelic visual with a daunting, apocalyptic ambience.”
                                                                                       - Tinnitist